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Welcome to our blog! Since we all love to talk… and of course listen, we at Original Bike Spirits have decided to expand the conversation beyond 140 characters and a captioned picture.  This blog is here for you - the motorcyclist enthusiast who just can't leave the driveway without a quick polish or engine tune up.  Here you'll find all the things needed to suit the OBS lifestyle - from tips on bike maintenance, entertaining tidbits, to happenings in your hood.  Welcome to our home, pull up a chair, or grab a little something to eat before we hit the road riding!  Want to tell us your story?  Email us at

The Original Bike(r) Spirits of Music

OBS Riding Music
How many times have you listened, really listened, to Meatloaf’s "Bat Out of Hell" and thought, wow, this song captures the spirit of a biker! A quick poll of some New York motorcycle enthusiasts yielded the following classic song titles as favorites to mingle with the sound of their engines...

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The Phantom of the OBS-approved Motorcycle

Phantomtank -matted
Every motorcycle is somehow a reflection of its owner’s personality. The reasons for this may vary. Find out which new motorcycle reflects my personality below.

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How To Avoid Roadkill After Using OBS Polish

Bugs _on _helmet
What road kill have you tangled with while riding urban roads? These events usually occur out on switchbacks (curvy roads).

Revitalizing the Indian Chief Motorcycle

Pasted _indian
Brett Herrey is a biker living in the Latham, NY area. An old bike in the corner of a rickety old cellar caught his eye as a child, not knowing at the time that it was an Indian motorcycle. Once he was old enough to buy his own bike, he settled on a 1947 Indian Chief. Find out how Brett renovated this masterpiece.

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Ride or Die Daryl—The Walking Dead Motorbike

The -walking -dead
AMC’s The Walking Dead is back this Sunday, even on DishNetwork. Yes! The apocalypse is finally over. Well, not completely for Rick, Daryl and Andrea. The walkers are still craving for their flesh. But the more pressing issue for us at OBS is figuring out what kind of motorcycle Daryl is riding.

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