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Valentine Gifts for Bikers

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Need to build your "sweetheart list."  We at OBS have come up with a few items that are necessary for any list, no matter your relationship status. 

Go Pro HD Hero 2 Professional - Motorsports Edition

As a driver, it's important to keep your eyes on the rode, no matter how capturing the backdrop.  This waterproof camera gives you the option to capture all those thrilling moments of driving on the open road.  This 11 megapixel camera takes 10 photos per second and includes a Wi-Fi remote.

Pacific Coast Wraparounds

These "affordable glasses with attitude" are designed to not only protect your eyes while riding but also make you look awesome while doing so.

Elkskin Leather Riding Gloves

These gloves are made from 100% elkskin leather designed to fit firmly around your wrist yet yielding to your hands.

Coconut Motorcycling Socks

These socks beat out any generic gift. Composed of "cocona" fibers, they control odors and make long trips easing.  So, let's avoid those gaudy Valentine's Day neck ties and tell your "boo" what you really want.  

OBS bucket

Not to toot our own horn, but beep beep! We have the best motorcycle car products ever.  You can select from a wide range of your products, from our OBS Cycle Fuel System Supreme to our classic OBS Spray Cleaner & Polish. Buy several of our products, place them in a bucket or caddy, and Walla!  The perfect gift! What else is on your Valentine's Day list?

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