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Ride or Die Daryl—The Walking Dead Motorbike

The -walking -dead

AMC's The Walking Dead is back this Sunday, even on DishNetwork. Yes!  The apocalypse is finally over! Well, not completely for Rick, Daryl and Andrea.  The walkers are still craving for their flesh.  But the more pressing issue for us at OBS is figuring out what kind of motorcycle Daryl is riding.

The bike seems to be more than a zombie-fighting machine for Daryl.  It previously belonged to his (now alive) brother Merle.  There has been much speculation around this bike.  What kind of bike is it?  Why does Daryl ride it since it makes so much noise, which can attract walkers?  And most importantly, how would the bike look cleaned and polished with the OBS Cycle Wash or our OBS Spray Cleaner & Polish?  All these pressing issues caused us to do some research on this bike.  So, we visited  Here's what we've discovered.  There's a lightning-bolt SS insignia on the tank, and it isn't a Harley.  So, it must be aTriumph Bonneville 650 built somewhere between 1965 and 1971.  What do you guys think? Is it a Triumph Bonneville 650 or some other bike?

Walking Dead Daryl OBS Motorcycle


[Images: 4BP, CDNI]

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