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Revving & Preparing Your Motorcycle For The Summer After Winter Storage

Prepare Motorcycle For Summer OBS
It's riding season! Prepare your bike for this year's riding season by following these motorcycle maintenance tips from Original Bike Spirits: 
  1. Replace & Repair.  Have you bought and replaced any parts that you made mental notes to take care of?  Motorcycle maintenance and detailing is key.
  2. Check all cables & keep the battery charged to 100%.Recharge when your lights dim, the starter sounds weak or the battery hasn't been used in more than two weeks.
  3. Check all lights.  Lights are useless if they don't work!
  4. Check the oil & filter, and grease and other lubricants. Replace the shaft drive oil every time you change the oil on your motorcycle.  Also, check the belt tension and adjust if necessary. Make sure your belt is always clean. 
  5. Drain the fuel tank. And clean with OBS Cycle Fuel System Supreme. Replace fuel filters every two years. Check the fuel lines for weather damage and cracking, and replace immediately if any is found.  
  6. Check brake fluid level, brake pads and shoes. Fitting braided steel brake lines will increase the performance of your brakes by roughly 50%.  OBS Brake Cleaner, motorcycle cleaner, will keep your brakes happy and healthy also.
  7. Lube your chain. After each ride when the chain is warm, lube your chain so the oil can easily soak in and get into all the tight spots of the chain.  Spray OBS Chain Lube liberally on the side of the chain that comes into contact with the sprockets. Ensure that you spray both left and the right hand side of the chain.
  8. Check your tire pressure. If you had a special winter pressure, remember to change it for summer.  Keep a low pressure tire gauge (0psi - 80psi) in your saddlebag at all times. A tire that is very under-inflated generates a lot of heat which can lead to a blow out. Tires that run too hot also wear out more quickly. And if tread depth is 1-2mm, it is time to replace your tires.  Then use our water-based motorcycle cleaner, Cycle Wash, to clean tires to avoid damaging plastic or rubber without any residue.
  9. Get your shine on! OBS Spray Cleaner and Polish,our premier motorcycle cleaning supply, will definitely provide the finishing touches on your motorcycle.
  10. Start a log book. For the year, write down your starting mileage - and all the actions you took to get out on the open road again.  Make note of any especially enjoyable rides you take or new routes you stumble upon.  And of course, share them with us

Revving Motorcycle After Winter Storage

Do you have any tips for preparing your motorcycle for the summer?

Written by Lisa Petrocelli at 12:00 AM

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