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How To Avoid Roadkill After Using OBS Polish

Bugs _on _helmet

What road kill have you tangled with while riding urban roads? These events usually occur out on switchbacks (curvy roads).

My husband, Snoopy (his riding name) was solo riding a switchback, accompanied with two other riders.

Passing them gave his adrenalin a better opportunity to kick in . . . until he saw a buzzard beside the road, feeding on its own road kill. Thinking the buzzard would leave as soon as it heard his impressive pipes, he slowed down thinking he could sneak by. About the time he reached the tenacious buzzard that hadn't left it's his feast, he began applying his brakes attempting a complete stop, only to be way too late.

The buzzard, realizing the same thing, began to make its exit off the road. His wings made three big WHOOPS - toward the bike, but only elevated itself to the height of Snoopy's wide glide front forks. It got stuck in the forks between the headlight and tweak bar and that's where he stayed (cursing, I'm sure). 

Imagine the picture . . . bike, feathers, buzzard stuck in the forks, and poop everywhere. There's a lot of wisdom that comes with an experience like this. Too bad this happened before he found OBS. He sure could have used some that day.

What's your story?

Written by Sharon Smith at 12:00 AM