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The Phantom of the OBS-approved Motorcycle

Phantomtank -matted

Every motorcycle is somehow a reflection of its owner's personality, their love, or their life.  The reasons for this may vary. A motorcycle might be built as a tribute to someone or something to represent a lifestyle, increase performance, curb appeal, or just for plain individual creativity.  A favorite of mine has always been the HD Heritage Softail, personally because if it's "traditional" appeal.  However, the customized Phantom of the Opera theme in the paint job is what really makes this motorbike appealing.  After seeing the Phantom of the Opera on TV and in theater, Kenta Falkerd, owner of Ace Performance, was inspired to build a chopper encompassing the dark, haunting theme for which the Phantom is notorious for. Of course my vision would be the Phantom mask and rose on the tank of the Softail, with leather saddlebags, all "fringed out," and scenes or images from the story completely defining my motorcycle.  Anything goes when you're designing your own machine! 

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Phantom -of -the -opera -motorcycle

* Photos courtesy of Stefan Boman Photography

Written by Lisa Petrocelli at 12:00 AM

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