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The Rolling Thunder of Memories

The Rolling Thunder Of Memories

The spirit of Memorial Day is celebrated around the country in various ways, from VFW ceremonies to motorcycle runs for Veterans.  The Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom produces one of the largest displays of patriotism seen on Earth.  Founded by two veterans, Artie Muller and Ray Manzo, in 1987, the Rolling Thunder "Ride to the Wall" takes place every year on MemorialDay in D.C. as roughly one million  motorcyclist demand full accounting of all POW/MIA's.

Thousands of spectators stand ready to acknowledge, with enthusiastic waves and gestures, the parade of motorcyclists passing. Tim, the Marine, in full-dress uniform, salutes every single motorcyclist riding by. Tim has established a tradition that cannot be rivaled, and he exemplifies the meaning of a soldier. As the parade passes, you'll see the tiniest of children and the oldest of Americans standing in line just to salute the bikers, many of whom are Vets themselves. 

Memorial Day -Original Bikes

How are you memorializing our veterans and troops this weekend? Yours truly will be busy readying our own bikes with Original Bike Spirits products to ride loud and proud with this amazing assembly of motorcycle enthusiasts.

*Photo courtesy of Dino Petrocelli

Written by Lisa Petrocelli at 12:00 AM

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