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How To Protect Yourself & Your Motorcycle This Summer

Summer Motorcycle Riding

By now, you’ve probably “un-winterized” your motorcycle. The constant 1-2 Rocky Balboa punch in the face by the heat reminds us every day how important it is to remain chill in this type of weather. Here are a few tips to stay cool this summer:

Keeping your motorcycle breezy.

Remember air flow is the key to staying cool. This goes for both you and your motorcycle. You need air flow to stay cool. Some motorcycles come with full fairings with detachable panels to increase air flow.

And contrary to popular belief, certain parts of the engine need to stay cool too, like the piston. The carburetor plays a vital part in keeping your pistons at the right temperature. It has miniature jets with tiny holes passing fuel through it, reducing oxygen and allowing your bike to run smoother. If your ride makes ugly sounds and has black spark plugs, it’s probably time to rejet your motorcycle’s carburetor.

In addition, avoid unnecessary braking (it overheats your brakes), don’t fill your tank to its maximum capacity (it needs room to breathe), park in the shade and don’t ride close to other vehicles, duh!

Dressing the part.

We know. We know. It’s hard to protect yourself and dress cool. A leather jacket and helmet may or may not look cool (depending on how #ORIGINAL you are), but there are motorcycle gear tailored specifically for the summer. There are vented helmets and leather jackets. And don’t forget your non-slip gloves and scatter-proof/scratch-resistant shades to prevent fogging.

Follow these tips, and the 100° weather will be a perfect backdrop for summertime motorcycling. What tips do you have for keeping you and your motorcycle cool during the summer?

Summer Motorcycle Riding

Written by OBS at 12:00 AM

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